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As a company, Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition specializes in personal health, fitness, nutrition, supplementation and education. We offer experience and knowledge and will guide you using the best approach in these areas. We will help you learn how to make your body function at its highest levels through proper training and nutrition.

I believe that results still count !!!      

Our clients come from all around the Tri-State area including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and from many different professions and  backgrounds, looking for help to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I have lectured throughout the country to physicians, physical and occupational therapists, personal trainers, schools, health club owners and their members, helping them to become smarter in achieving their goals and their clients goals.  

Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition is known for knowledge, results and experience.  

Let me show you the way to a healthier and more enjoyable life. 

Because it is a Lifestyle not a hobby!
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Hello, my name is Tracy Anderson and I  started Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition in 1996 and with hard work and continued education I eventually became a recognized leader in the health and fitness industry.  I pride myself on continuing my education and applying this knowledge to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals. Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition is a Veteran owned company, USMC (91-95).

I am concerned with practical and professional knowledge and the application of that knowledge to the human body. I maintain a well established working relationship with several Doctors, Physical and Occupational Therapists, major health care and fitness companies aiding and guiding me with the latest techniques and most up to date information. I believe that with the right knowledge, most anyone can achieve their health or fitness goals. Knowledge is very important, but knowing how to use it is my specialty. 

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Tracy Anderson
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